Authentic Japanese Taiyaki and Matcha Bar in Wellington

Taiyaki  &Matcha

TaiyaKiwi brings genuine Japanese Taiyaki & Matcha

TaiyaKiwi's mission is to bring authentic Taiyaki & Matcha to New Zealand. Now we opened the first Taiyaki & Matcha Bar in the capital of Wellington.

Matcha is one of superfood which becomes the focus of attention these days for its healthy reasons as it includes lots of ingredients such as Catechin and Tannin.

Drinking Matcha every day basis can expect anti-aging and detox effects. Also Taiyaki is less calorie compare to western sweets and it's perfect match-a with Matcha.

We hope all of you enjoy our Taiyaki & Matcha and keep you healthy!


“Though many people drink tea, if you do not know the Way of Tea, tea will drink you up.” 

世の中に茶飲む人は多けれど 茶の道を知らぬは 茶にぞ飲まるる

- Sen no Rikyu (千利休, 1522 – 1591) -



People enjoy Taiyaki over 100 years in Japan and it's really folksy snack. The reason why it's fish shape is...



Matcha is powdered tea leaf. That means drinking matcha is taking whole good ingredient from tea leaf and it's really good for your health... 

“Come and Enjoy Hot and Fresh Taiyaki and Matcha with us in Wellington Today” 


Authentic Japanese Taiyaki and Matcha Bar in Wellington
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Shop1, 5 Plimmer Steps, Wellington, New Zealand

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