Relaxed and Healthy Green Tea


Matcha tea in Japan has long history. Since 9th century, tea has been much-prized like medicine in Japan, then took long long time to make it higher and it became like ceremony as “The Way of Tea” in the 16th century. And it remained with people as the way of tea to now.


There are many types of way of making tea, from the high class ceremony way to easy relaxed way just how normal people enjoy at home. However common thing among making and enjoying tea is take a breathe deep and relax for refreshment. In the old days of Sengoku (samurai fighting) era, tea ceremony was a place for meditation outside of the battlefield. Now tea is for relaxation to prevent from stresses.


Matcha is powdered tea leaf. That means drinking matcha is taking whole good ingredient from tea leaf.

 These days Matcha tea is became one of superfood which becomes the focus of attention these days for its healthy reasons as it includes lots of ingredients such as Catechin and Tannin showing below:

Making Matcha
  • Tannin - Tea includes lots of tannin which helps to be relaxed and better sleep

  • Catechin - Helps accelerated metabolism and burning fat

  • Vitamin E - Helps antioxidant effect and anti-aging

  • Vitamins C - Includes 4 to 7 times more than oranges which helps stress tolerance

  • Chlorophyll - Helps making blood smooth and detox effect

And much more researches are found out recently, so please ask Dr. Google if you are interested.


By the way, avoiding those serious talks, Matcha is simply taste good. Some of you might got an image which Matcha is really bitter, however the ingredient for Matcha is called Tencha is grown special way which avoids direct sun light and that makes our Matcha taste sweet in natural way.


TaiyaKiwi directly import the highest grade Matcha from Uji, Kyoto Japan. Uji is said to be the home of Matcha tea. Our Matcha is naturally deep sweet without adding sugars. There are no artificial colors or flavors in our Matcha.

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