Authentic Japanese Taiyaki and Matcha Bar in Wellington
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Shop1, 5 Plimmer Steps, Wellington, New Zealand

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TaiyaKiwi - Taiyaki  &Matcha Menu

Japanese Traditional Classic Sweets


Taiyaki Anko

Japanese Traditional Classic Sweets

With Whittaker's milk chocolate

Taiyaki Chocolate

Extended Special - Sliced Roast Chicken with Cheddar Cheese

Taiyaki Cheesy Chicken

Mar/Apr Special - Taiyaki with Sakura & Strawberry Custard

Taiyaki Sakura Strawberry Custard

Ceremonial Grade Matcha and Regular Green Tea

Matcha  & Tea

The Traditional Straight Matcha

Matcha Short

Matcha with creamy frothed milk

Flat Green

Sencha - Straight Green Tea

Regular Green Tea

Roasted Brown Rice Flavoured Green Tea

Genmai Tea

Calm down while you cool down

Iced Matcha Latte

Extra Matcha Scoop and Soy Milk are available