Japanese Traditional Classic Sweets


Taiyaki - a fish-shape waffle sorts sweets - has attracted widespread popularity among common people in Japan for over 100 years. There is similar one called Obanyaki which is simply round shape, however the fish shape one is the one which Japanese people feel nostalgia and familiarity with.


Why is it the fish shape? This fish, Tai (sea bream) in Japanese, is a symbol for good luck and congratulation  and people eat Tai fish only when special occasions. So Taiyaki sweets gave people chance to eat the good luck fish more often and easy way, thus Taiyaki has been popular and icon for good luck.


Also Taiyaki has crispy outside skin and soft stuffed Anko inside make harmony inside your mouth like Gaga music!


Anko is made from Adzuki beans and traditionally people enjoy Anko just like chocolate in Japan for long time. Anko is sweet but much lower fat compare to western sweet such as cream, so it’s good way to take sweet energy to brain while avoiding to take much fat.


Besides Anko inside, we have chocolate stuffed one and other taste as well.


Authentic Japanese Taiyaki and Matcha Bar in Wellington
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